Jacob Griffin

by The Bathtub Project

Jacob Griffin


Date of Interview: November 22, 2016

Name: Jacob Griffin

Age: 24

Pronouns: He/Him

Location: Washington, DC


How often do you bathe or shower?

Twice a day. Yeah, I work in fitness part time so I’m always sweatin’.

If you were an underwater creature which one would you be?

Loch Ness Monster. No doubt. Loch Ness Monster just don’t give no fucks. Like, I mean, he’ll hang out and do his thing and show his face when he wants then he won’t be around for a couple years and that’s what he wants to do it. And I’m like, do it. They do what they want.

What are you passionate about?

Oh, a lot of things. My passions have changed a lot, especially this past year. You know, with the election and stuff, I’ve really noticed what my values are aligned with and how I can, I guess express those values and project those values into the world around me. So living a life that is in alignment with what I want and how I want others to treat me and all of that. Just because this election has been really hard. It’s shed a lot of light on what I see is important. The people in my life that I love, helping them grow, helping them feel challenged, looking for challenges and surrounding myself with people who do that for me is super important. Yeah, and I also love roller coasters, they’re my favorite. I’m super passionate about roller coasters, if you want to ask me questions about where they are and what heights, I know all of that too ::laughs::. Or recommendations for self help books. Either or, I like both. I love self help books, like, personal development books. I love the perspective that they offer. I don’t think that they’re all “alright” or that they’re all my “Gods” but they tend to give really good discrete tools that help people during really rough times. And whether it’s a hard conversation with someone you care about who’s in your life or a big decision, a lot of times there’s neat little tools that they give you that can help you think about things in ways that you wouldn’t have. That’s why I like that. I’m kind of woosa in some ways, like woosa. Like, think about the energy in the world and things like that. I LOVE that stuff cuz there’s something to be said about doing good shit or taking on good shit.

Can you expand on how this election was hard?

Umm, well I’m gay. And I’m a gay man who performs as a man and I see the implications of what Donald Trump’s presidency could mean for me and what it means for people around me who I love and care about and that just, overall, I’m sad. That those are the things that could happen and those are the things that exist in the world. I’m still navigating a space that’s… I don’t want to say mourning but just leaving myself a time to be sad and it’s on no one else’s timeline. You know, I’m not looking to feel happy about it, I don’t think I’m going to, and that’s okay. It was just hard seeing that there’s that much yuckiness still.

What is something that you struggle with?

Umm, I don’t know, we all struggle in a million ways. I think my biggest struggle, especially at 24, is thinking that I should be in a certain position. Like, I should be at this point or I should have this kind of friend group or I should be doing this. All these quote unquote pressures that no one else is putting on me except me, I’m making the story up in my head, right. And it’s constantly reminding myself that no one fucking told me that I had do that, it’s just me. So owning that it’s myself that’s making me loco and no one else, it’s like “OH! That’s kind of hard”, but it’s also really empowering. As I’ve gotten older and have made really amazing friends that have helped me learn some of that stuff, it’s easier to take ownership of how I’m showing up to something even though I want it to be everyone else’s fault and not mine. It’s your fault and it’s fault and the wind and the weather in November instead of owning the fact that I have a play in this. Fine. Like, okay.  

What do you feel accomplished with?

Personally, I am so fulfilled and grateful and really just happy with the humans in my life. I think I have worked really hard in the past couple years to choose to put out good vibes and good energy and that is called in the most amazing people ever. I’m sitting in a bathtub doing an interview, like, because I saw a flyer and said let’s do this. And I don’t think that’s something I would do five years ago. So choosing to call in good things and exciting things, I’m happy that I’m at the point where it’s a conscious effort for me and I’m doing it well.

What do you think of relationships? Platonic, sexual and otherwise.

Relationships ::laughs:: in reference to just DC? Or all over? ::Laughs:: relationships. It’s something that I, very much am still, I guess you could say struggling with. I so desire to have my person in this world. And, I know that, as humans we kind of bounce around and do things and are up to stuff and once in awhile one sticks and once in awhile one doesn’t and you just got to enjoy what is happening along the way. I think in reference to where I currently live, which is DC, it’s very much a go get ’em and on to the next sort of mindset which definitely shows up in relationship, friendship and sexually. People tend to be a little bit more transient here anyways so there’s less of those roots which makes it hard to try to establish really deep commitment. That’s just my own experience, I’ve met people who have met the loves of their life, right, so I’m not saying that it won’t be available to me at some point, it just hasn’t quite yet shown up.