Andrea Romans

by The Bathtub Project

Andrea Romans

Name: Andrea Romans

Age: 39

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

How often do you bathe or shower?

Like, once every few days. Bathing. Baths. They work better.

If you were an underwater creature, which one would you be?

A mermaid. You’d have a big tail! And you’d swim fast and have pretty hair!

What location would you be a mermaid in?

The ocean. ::Laughs::. Not the arctic, it would be too cold. Your nipples would get so hard. Like, you probably wouldn’t even be able to swim. You’d have these humongous nipples impeding your swimming. So yeah, okay… it would have to be somewhere warm. The tropics area. Well, unfortunately, all of our oceans are probably going to be super warm now… depressing.

What are you passionate about?

Food and well, being healthy. Drinking water. Being healthy and food are related. You have to eat food that makes you happy. And you know, you have to eat food that’s healthy for ya. If you eat a bunch of fast food you’re not gonna feel good. If you eat some food that isn’t fast, and took some time and some care, you’ll feel like you took care of yourself. Yeah. I like to cook anything for my kids. And breakfast. My kids like grilled cheese, soup, sausage and beans with veggies. This one thing I do, with kielbasa sausage with kale and butter, onions and peppers. Oh! And sweet potato. It’s so good.

Do you grow your own food?

No, not yet, but soon. I want to grow some mushrooms. It’s perfect for mushrooms in my backyard. There are fallen trees and overhang. It doesn’t get super sunny in different parts. Not psychedelic ones, edible ones. But I guess they’re both edible… Yeah ::laughs::.

What do you feel accomplished with?

Paying my bills on time ::laughs::. It’s always a nice feeling. Well, actually—it’s going to the grocery store and being able to get what we need and just… being able to get what my kids need. Being able to afford life ::laugh::.

What is something you still struggle with?

I donno… coming up with something to say. I’m really quiet a lot of the time. I’ve always been. Maybe I’m just quiet! Or wait! I guess I’m not good with small talk. Yeah. I don’t really care about the weather. Yes, weather happens. I don’t understand why people watch the news for the weather. Like, TV sucks. That’s what I’m passionate about! TV sucks.

What do you prefer over television?

Cleaning my house because I’m a single mom. And, laundry. I play music with my band and work. And ride my bike. I love my bike. It sucks that it’s cold right now, but the warm will come. Biking is by far my favorite mode of transportation. You get to exercise, have the wind in your hair… it’s awesome. Getting to watch all these dumb fuckers in their cars, it’s all like, “I’m on my bike, bitches!” ::laughter::. It’s the best. OHH the hills too, even if you have to go up a ways or even walk it up. For every hill there is also a downhill. Philosophical.

What are your thoughts about relationships? Platonic, familial, sexual and otherwise?

They’re cool. Relationships are cool ::laughs::. Being a mom, is hard work and very satisfying. It’s pretty cool. Having these little humans that you get to take care of and you know they’re gonna be awesome. They’re not gonna be average people. I don’t want to seem like a hater, but I feel like I’m raising kids who won’t have shitty jobs. Like, they’re going to enjoy life and not just exist and be consumers. Also, collaborating. With food and the band. Coming together to make something cool. It’s what we do at work all day. When I cook, everyone contributes something. Like, there’s the chief dude who’s in charge and he’ll say “we need this!” so I’ll start the prep and then the line cooks do the stuff that can be done within a few hours and I’ve been doing the stuff in the morning. So at 5PM, it comes together and it’s awesome. We got some happy diners ::laughs::. It’s really cool!

What are you bringing forward this year?

On New Year’s Eve, all day on new year’s eve day… yeah, I kept saying “hindsight is 2020. Do better this year bitches” ::laughter::. But maybe that’s not right. Maybe 2020 shouldn’t be looking back, it should be looking forward.