About Us

The Bathtub Project is an interactive art project focusing on vulnerability and the core of who a person is. We do this by bringing bath bombs to an individuals home, photographing and interviewing them in the tub. The Bathtub Project was initially based in Washington, DC but relocated to Chicago, IL in the spring of 2017. Learn more about the humans behind the project below.

Kri Van Sloun is the architect of The Bathtub Project. Their past unpublished work has touched on the topic of vulnerability for several years. They specialize in simplistic ink drawings and creating physical spaces using varying media. This project is intentionally intimate, creating space for artists, activists and humans of all kinds to fully share thoughts, fears, dreams, and life experiences.

Mandi Jo Stoll

Mandi Jo Stoll┬áis The Bathtub Project’s media specialist. Working to bring The Bathtub Project to your multiple devices via this website, Instagram, and our Facebook page. She is an artist, photographer, and web designer.

If you want to be a part of this conversation, that gives room for self-discovery, step into the bathtub and join us.