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Alice Peck

Alice Peck


Date of Interview: August 4, 2016

Name: Alice Peck

Age: 26

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Location: Washington, DC


If you were an underwater creature, which one would you be?

I would be a seahorse, absolutely. I think because I really like the way they move. They also look nothing like horses which has always fascinated me; they look kind of like a saxophone and they move in a really magical way

Did you read fairytales or fantasy as a child? Did this impact who you are now?

A lot of fairytales. As a child I read a lot of the more traditional ones that you read to little girls and little boys. And they’re quite gender binary, very traditional gender roles – like with women saved by the man, and it’s actually taken me a couple years to kind of shake off that. Realizing what is a fairytale and now not wanting that kind of thing in my life at all. So yeah, these kinds of things impact you definitely, but in a way that I can question now.

What are you passionate about?

Gosh, so many things. I love… Right now I love reading so much. I get swept up in words and I think waking up and reading poetry, which sounds so pretentious, is so good for my soul. I just think there is so much unlocked potential when you begin reading. You never know how you’re going to react to it. It can be a really beautiful form of escapism. More broadly, I’m really passionate about challenging inequality, injustice, and discrimination.

Do you think how you were raised effected this?

Yeah, definitely. Well, for a start, I was raised in a way that was very fortunate and privileged. I never had to worry about… anything. I lived a sheltered life but my parents were very good about talking about our privilege. Letting me know that this wasn’t the way for everyone, and what responsibilities come with privilege. Also my responsibility comes from what I really believe is wrong and learning about institutional racism and sexism. And learning why these things are wrong. It’s something that I’m really passionate about as I think everything was handed to me on a plate and that’s really unfair.

What is something that you’re afraid of for yourself?

I would say… Failure. In a… How do I describe failure… I think I have very high standards and ambitions for myself. And I can be my worst critic. Something I’m working on and challenging a bit is this idea of success. I’m questioning what looks good and personal goals. I think not living up to them is something I am definitely afraid of.

What is something that you’re afraid of for the world?

Climate change. Yeah, I feel quite hopeless when I look at the beauty of the planet and how we’re destroying it. And how we don’t know how to respond to it.

Do you think the world was always like this or that there have been changes within the past decade?

I mean, the history of the world is of one that has been at constant war. So, I think, definitely think that there hasn’t been this “Golden Age” of peace and security. And if there was “peace” there was violence against women or suppression of people who are homosexual or people of color. So yeah, I think the world has always been like this but right now it seems very extreme due to the way it’s broadcasted into our lives all the time. The ways that everyone is vocalizing their voice on twitter and broadcasting it out on social media. How people can just say racist bigoted things and it gets everywhere. I think it’s a different form of the usual kind of violence and hatred that we’ve always had. It’s so bleak.

What are your thoughts on relationships? Platonic, sexual and otherwise.

I think relationships and connections with other humans is one of the most rewarding and hopeful things in life. Especially since we live in such a sad time, being able to connect to another human being and share words and understand and listen… just coming together from different perspectives is one of the most beautiful things. Also, physical intimacy is… Incredible ::laughs::. I don’t know, in terms of a long-term personal relationship… I think I’m more cynical.

If you could tell your 15 year old self something, what would it be?

So many things I would want to tell myself… I think, if I could convince my 15 year old self to believe in myself and love myself a bit… Just have some self compassion. Yeah.




Date of Interview: May 31, 2016

Name: Nenet

Age: 29

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Location: Washington, DC


Do you have any opinions on how women and femme people are portrayed and treated by the media and by humans in general?

Well I think that with women, it’s aimed at women have to always please. And be willing. And that is very intense and aggressive. I don’t roll with that. I think it’s very hard to have to do that all the time and it’s very invasive and very unfair. The media is pretty sick and a little to much is twisted and I think its not good, it creates a lot of strain and pressure for young people. I think it should be regulated; it’s a little criminal to expose people to that.

Do you think where you grew up impacts these opinions and their growth?

YES. Yes, I grew up in Argentina and it’s a very macho oriented culture where there is only one type of women and that’s where you should fit in. If you have short hair, you’re just weird. If you’re different, you’re just weird. If you’re whatever, you’re just weird. And they will let you know that you’re out of line. I remember walking into places from my teen years to early 20s and you were REALLY supposed to look one way. And it was really scary, I really couldn’t fit. Everyone wore one brand of jeans, one length of hair, one disposition. You really had to tone yourself down and just be giggly and willing and coordinated, and everyone had to look the same. That’s my memory of that.

When did you move to the US?

I moved to the US three years ago. I had a boyfriend and I followed him…

That kind of leads into my next question… what are your thoughts on
relationship dynamics, especially when coming from different cultures?

Well… I’ve thought a lot about that, since I’m here and since I was in a long relationship with someone who was American, and white and cis and male. I think, and I actually wrote about this today, that’s how current this topic is for me, you are desirable when you can be looked at and lust upon. You’re a curiosity and it kind of doesn’t matter where you’re from as long as you’re foreign and seemingly exotic. And so now it’s really hard to filter people because they ask questions about your country and immediately seem really interested if you’re foreign. Especially Latinas. Latinas are kind of displayed in a certain way. So I have a lot of people, actually men. I have a lot of MEN asking me how sassy I was, or if I would like, if you PARTY and I also felt like that’s really weird and they’re really weird and they were kind of already objectifying me already. So yeah, I was really not into it. I think if you grow up in a place and spend a good 25 years in one country and move, you’re thinking that it’s going to be different and it’s OH WOW because it’s not. I thought that if people or anyone would be interested in dating someone from another country or culture, they would be actually interested, not as a token. Like, “it’s my Argentine girlfriend and she’s so awesome and EXOTIC”. I really had full on encounters and conversations that didn’t really go beyond that. Like “Oh, she’s foreign, you know, got it”. There was no real interest in anything. No one cared about my passions and who I am.

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment?

I wrote a play earlier this year. And I was satisfied with that. I think it allowed me to move forward towards being a more responsible creative person. Where I’m actually committed to the things I do and can follow through. There’s the start and the end, which is really cool.

What are you most afraid of for yourself?

I am afraid of… Something really silly. I am afraid of not showing up to work. Part of it is because I did it before. I just thought I can’t go on with this. It has nothing to do with who I am or what I want other than money and paying the rent. It’s a trivial thing, but it’s the first thing that came to mind. It’s real.

What are you most afraid of for the world?

Conservative, backwards people and how they are taking control. They are able to influence people all of a sudden and get to people. They get to people that are scared and this is really frightening that they get control of official things, like a whole political party. Especially here, but it’s happening in other parts of the world too, but more rapidly here.

What does your personal utopia look like?

I actually don’t think utopias exist. I don’t think they fully conform to humans as we are, we are not all inherently good, I can’t really believe that. So I don’t think a utopia is possible, there are to many of us, we are a little late on that. But I think a better distribution on wealth and resources and opportunities would achieve something for mankind. But it will never really be a utopia.

Is there anything you are hopeful for in the world?

Is there hope… Hmm.. There’s always hope for good things. People keep creating. And keep doing things here and there. There are random acts of kindness and it’s really important to remember that.

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